The Suspicions of Mr. Wicher and Longmire

I have to make two selections here because of my dear friend Edgar.  My first selection is The Suspicions of Mr. Wicher, a terrific period piece produced in Britain that revolves around a Scotland Yard detective in the 1860s.  The reason I now have to make another selection is because I told Edgar about this series before putting it onto the website and he watched it and loved it and now demands that I give him another selection!  If I didn’t like him so much….Ok, selection number two is Longmire.  This series is on Netflix, and it has a real “Mr. Wicher” feel albeit it set in a western style genre.  Longmire plays a widowed sheriff of a small town who handles all of the things, from personal conflict to small town crimes to the politics of his office, that you would expect to be handled by a widowed sheriff in a small town.  There you go Edgar!