Growing up, my father and his sister, Rose, would enthrall me with stories of old time radio shows.  Although I never actually heard any of those early broadcasts, I have a great feel for the genre given the joy and details with which these important people in my life recreated their listening.  I get that same feeling listening to a great podcast.  There is something about the use of voice and sound and description, all without pictures, that creates in my mind kind of my own little film.  As I hear things, I see things.  And, thanks to the efforts of a wonderful up and coming young man who is near and dear to my heart, Joshua Swartz, we hope to introduce readers to podcasts that will, for each reader, take you to a place where the imagery you create is both real and shared.  So here is to listening together!

Wooden Overcoats

Full disclosure: I have not yet heard this one, but I am recommending it because, on paper, it seems to be a modern version of The Film Professor’s (and his sister, my Aunt Rose) favorite early radio show, The Life of Riley. Set in a make believe small British town,…

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The Penumbra

The penumbra is a personal favorite of mine. The podcast revives the old time radio mysteries reminiscent of a time when we still engaged our imagination, despite no visual stimuli. These stories always seemed to me undervalued for the achievement they represent, bringing the suspense of the cinema into the…

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