Another pretty descriptive title I must say.  Yes, each holiday, one or two movies that best reflect, or reflect upon that holiday will be recommended.  And here I have a favor to ask readers:  suggest holidays that you would like covered.  I ask because I will not pretend to be able to identify all of the wonderful and unique religions that exist, let alone highlight their unique holidays.  So please share with us, of course in an inclusive way, movies that you believe best present the religion and its holidays (we will also do our own research once set on the path).

Edward Scissorhands

My good friend, and co-collaborator, Edgar, gently reminded me that, since it was Thanksgiving, “it would be nice to have a holiday pick.”  He was, as usual, absolutely right and I, as usual, was unquestionably late.  I will, now, make up for my transgression by picking my favorite holiday film ever: Edward Scissorhands.

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This is the best movie to watch around the 4th of July. Between the music and the story and the overall campiness of the film, it is as wholesome and patriotic an experience as parking a chair on a school field to watch fireworks. The film centers around the first…

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