Edward Scissorhands

My good friend, and co-collaborator, Edgar, gently reminded me that, since it was Thanksgiving, “it would be nice to have a holiday pick.”  He was, as usual, absolutely right and I, as usual, was unquestionably late.  I will, now, make up for my transgression by picking my favorite holiday film ever: Edward Scissorhands.  Now HOLD ON there young my supposed friends and hear me out! Remember, we are all supposed to listen to each other!  I know there are lots of great holiday films and I promise that, as we progress further into the holiday season, I will turn towards, shall we say, more “traditional” holiday greats, such as It’s a Wonderful Life (which, while admittedly a terrific holiday film, is on every channel, every hour, of every day, for months at a time).  I chose Scissorhands because it is both a holiday film that I really liked and because it furthers a fundamental purpose of this site; namely, to get us all to look at and understand and appreciate people who are not like us, and this guy is definitely not like us.  The movie is part Pinocchio, part West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet, and part Mask (see who gets that last reference!).  It is about a boy who was created by an inventor who has, wait for it, scissors for hands!  When the inventor dies, his creation is left to fend for himself, and the resultant tale is full of all the ups and downs and triumphs and tribulations that one would expect from a holiday film.  Oh, by the way, my sons hated this film!  Does that make me anti-holiday?